ANYAHH, a habitué of contemporary and classic art is an endeavor of the Noshe Group. An online platform, it primarily provides for commissioned art, art on rent and corporate art. The reason that makes ANYAHH appealing to art enthusiasts is that it gives exposure to fresh talent. Amateur artists gain ground through exhibitions at various places organized by the company. “Soliloquy of Soul” was one such event organized by the company wherein young artists flaunted their canvasses.

It not only showcases works, but also accepts projects on consignment basis. AN YAHH also provides art paraphernalia artists. From lending artworks on rent to providing impeccable services to organizations, it has become the most accomplished art destination.

AN YAHH has had the honor of showcasing lovely artworks by Suhas , Sudip Routh, Anupam Mishra , Jishu Nag , Dipankar Sidar and many more.

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