art chutney

Art Chutney

An online forum, art chutney is a concoction of the finest art pieces. The collection is bountiful, diverse and is sure to satisfy the profound art lovers. From figurative to abstract and from ethnic to avant garde, there is no dearth of art work. It is a memorabilia of craftsmanship. Collectibles are available at easy installments making Art Chutney one of the most followed online platforms.

The online community is growing each day taking into its realm, artists, art buffs, corporate and sponsors. It’s the perfect haven for bon vivants. Through events and exhibitions, art chutney strives to keep you art rich.

Art Chutney in association with The Collection, UB city will present the third edition of “Art Bengaluru” in August this year. It is an annual event which aims to bring together artists, galleries, art enthusiasts and the best in contemporary Indian art from across India under one roof.The festival will display works of Indian artists along with African artists. The event will stimulate you aesthetically and will be a complete delight for art lovers.

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