Bukhara ITC Maurya New Delhi

Buhkara Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi

The restaurant chain, Bukhara Itc Maurya New Delhi is known to have served people with the most authentic culinary delights. This fastidious food chain offers delectable cuisines that will whet your palate. Bukhara restaurant at the Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi is a cat’s meow. Here, you can savor the tempting treats from the clay ovens of the North West.

The pulchritudinous of Bukhara is the recreation of the world. With its carte of kebabs, vegetables and breads it will take you to a journey down time. Bukhara is accomplishes in the art of the cuisine inspired from the North West frontier. The most succulent in its menu are Dal Bukhara, Sikandri Raan and a combination of platters that are a gourmet’s treat.

To add to the ruggedness, Bukhara’s ethnic décor completes the mood of the food. With impeccable service and mouth watering food, it has become one of the finest dining destinations in India.

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