Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa

Are you looking for an ingratiating wedding event in an astounding land? Then you should head to The Cappadocia Cave Resort, Uchisar, Turkey. The magnificent property is a wonderland with a breathtaking lunar landscape. It will enchant you with its imposing architecture. The conference center at The Cappadocia Cave Resort is the place wherein you will escort your mate to the altar.

The wedding planning team provides for the ultimate romantic wedding you ever dreamt of. The hotel can provide you with a Hot air balloon theme wedding to an elegant Black Tie event. You can also enjoy an intimate affair that will be arranged at your will by the hotel staff. The rooms and suites are delved in comfort and luxury. The guests can be accommodated with facilities at their disposal. The restaurants will lay a tempting buffet comprising of European, Japanese and Turkish cuisines. The flavorful aromas are just enough to delight the guests. The vintage wines straight from its bars offer the best for raising a toast.

Apart from enjoying the festivities, the guests can also indulge in a tranquil spa treatment or a nice swim in the heated pool.

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