COMO Shambhala Retreat, Maldives

Nestled within the Maldives Resort at Cocoa Island, Maldives, The COMO Shambhala Retreat is a patron of holistic healing. It provides visitors with soulful experiences of healing and wellness. The destination offers complete bliss and quietude. The divine land features simple wooden beach houses, aired by breezes carrying the scent of the ocean with them.

The week-long yoga spree at COMO Shambhala retreat is led by world-renowned specialists. Experience real time yoga combined with the hotel’s signature health-giving cuisine, and achieve a state of utmost rejuvenation.

COMO Shambhala works on the tenets of pristine Buddhism. ‘Shambhala’ itself is a Buddhist term that means a sacred place of bliss. COMO Shambhala preaches that highest levels of peace lie within oneself and by exploring one’s body, mind and spirit, we can bring them in the right alignment.

COMO Shambhala offers various services and treatments to its guests. It is known for its ‘hands-on healing’. The practitioners here combine the principles of traditional Eastern techniques with modern time holistic approach. The team of experts is skilled in a variety of different massages, facials for restorative skincare and authentic Ayurvedic programmes.

COMO Shambhala itself is a treasure house of various healing massage oils, body care and hair care products, home and travel products. The products are developed with the idea of healthy and holistic living. These oils and concoctions are utilized for their massages, facials and treatments.

The food served at COMO Shambhal is both delicious and healthy. The dishes are a mix of raw and cooked ingredients that specifically help to enhance concentration and energy along with balancing blood-sugar levels. Living enzymes are retained in the preparation technique in order detoxify the body.

Accommodations are provided in the plush rooms of the Maldives Resorts. You can book a room of your choice. The tariffs are as under;

Room Type Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Dhoni Suite $1200 $800 $1100 $1700
Dhoni Loft Suite $1400 $1000 $1300 $1900
Loft Villa $1600 $1150 $1500 $2100
One Bed Villa $1700 $1250 $1600 $2300
COMO Villa
(Two Bed Villa)
$3750 $2750 $3600 $4750

Season 1: 7 Jan 2013 - 30 Apr 2013
Season 2: 1 May - 31 Oct 2013
Season 3: 1 Nov - 23 Dec 2013
Season 4: 24 Dec 2013 - 6 Jan 2014

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