Experience trance in a vacation, Come to Calivigny Island, Grenada, Caribbean

Located on the off coast of Grenada, the Calivigny Island , a private luxury island is a Kingdom Come. Set in communion with nature, the exalted island is surrounded by majestic white sandy beaches, beautiful green tropical gardens and warm crystal clear waters. The ravishing locale serves as a jubilant hideaway for a traveler who seeks for solace with utmost luxury. Every moment spent here will be one of exceptional delight and infinite pleasure.

The accommodations are offered in the rapturous ‘Beach House’. It features 10 flamboyantly furnished suites. The 14,000 sq. feet of living space offers various dining areas both formal and casual, a massive salon with floor to ceiling windows all around, a game room with billiards, a huge, fully staffed, professional kitchen and a well stocked wine cellar.

The distinguished residential structure features an ornamental architecture. The style resonates with a combination of the French Colonial and Balinese type of buildings, creating a royal abode for the guests. The classic architecture features marble floors, vaulted Balinese style ceilings and French windows and doors. You will be taken by awe with its beautiful swirling stair cases with ornate wrought iron banisters and rich wood steps that give it a vintage touch. The furnishings and upholsteries speak of sumptuous fabrics, rich vibrant Persian carpets, and plush leather couches. The art décor and furnishings have been designed by Oscar de la Renta and Richard Frinier.

The suites are well equipped with world class facilities to ensure complete comfort for the inmates. You can recline on the king size bed, or read a book or savor a hot cup of coffee at the lovely sitting area. There is also a wet bar, massive carved wooden wardrobes, small writing desks and dining tables. Unique in design every guest suite is spacious, and comfortable with well laid en suite bathrooms, private entrances and lovely views of the island and ocean beyond. The island also offers luxury villas and stylish beachfront bungalows that can accommodate up to 20 guests.

A pleasure trip at the Calivigny Island promises euphoria and gaiety. It will seduce you with the web of attractions available on the godforsaken land. You can give yourself an energy boost through a jog or bike ride along the various hiking tracks of the island. You can get thrilled a zillion times with a jet ski ride on the turquoise waters. The explorers can just get dropped at the neighboring islands for a quick glance or a gleeful picnic. Spend some spare moments simply lying down on the beach or treating yourself to a palate tickling cocktail while you gaze at the sun going down. A fleet of boats like speed, fishing, and yachting will be at your disposal. You can avail the excitement of the Munson landing craft that can be loaded with ATVs for expeditions to neighboring desert islands. Calivigny Island also offers massage therapists to calm down your strains. The therapies orchestrated in the lovely gazebos will be a sheer bliss for the guests.

The island has a magnanimous outside deck with inviting lounge chairs to spend your idle hours. Computers and I-net is also available when needed.

The guests will be provided with their own private Chef. The culinary team will cook the most delightful meal for you.

This enticing island is more than perfect to take a break from the stress of life. The attraction is that the entire island can be rented to potential seekers. The cost of renting the whole island is EUR 20, 000 per night. Exclusive Island rentals are also available. A minimum rental of USD $140000 per night will be charged for up to 50 people, for seven days.

Now this is what we term as ‘Pure Indulgence’.

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