Indigo Colaba Mumbai

Indigo, Mumbai

A cultivated restaurant, The Indigo Colaba Mumbai is characterized by full flavored foods which are traditionally alive. Indigo Colaba Mumbai offers Continental, Mediterranean and European delicacies on it food wagon. The international ingredients are given a fine seasoning of the local flavors, making the food more inviting.

The extensive menu of Indigo includes comfort food, beverages, desserts and daily special dishes. You can indulge in a wholesome breakfast of fluffy pancakes and crispy waffles; enjoy a light lunch of fresh salads, meaty sandwiches and delicious pastas or even a kingly dinner of pizzas and risottos. A high tea or a cup of aromatic coffee at this exotic place will be an ineffable experience.

The Indigo café is warm, refined and sunlit. With its chic interiors, it makes place for a great meal.

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