Kailashanath Mahadev Statue

The soaring statue of Lord Shiva, ‘Kailashanath Mahadev’ is set in Sanga, some 20 kms from Kathmandu, Nepal. Visitors are bound to turn up their eyes at the sight of ‘The World’s Tallest Statue of Lord Shiva’ that soars at 143 feet. The sprawling effigy of the Supreme God, took 7 good years to get completed. The bewildering framework of the statue has been carved in copper, cement, zinc and steel. The man behind the stalwart statue is Mr. Kamal Jain, a leading industrialist from Nepal. It depicts Lord Shiva carrying a trishul in his hand while a snake is resting on his shoulder. An imprint of Buddha's face can be made out on the figure's chest which is a rare coincidence in a country where Hinduism and Buddhism go side by side.

Kailashanath Mahadev Statue stands proudly on a mountain.  A foundation of 100 feet had to be laid in order to hold the statue on a steep hill. The biggest challenge for the engineers was the sustenance of landslides. Built at an exorbitant cost of Rs. 7 crore, the beautiful structure attracts tourists in huge number to Nepal. There are around 5,000 visitors on a week day and larger crowds on weekends, national holidays and festivals.

The destination also offers relaxation and rollicking. The area spread in 400,000 sq feet houses a resort, spa, yoga center, health club and meditation centre. It also features children’s park, physiotherapy, steam and sauna bath facilities.

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