Known as ‘The Princess of hill stations’, Kodaikanal is a great destination for recess. Nestled amidst beautiful hills in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal offers a breathtaking view to the nature lover. Lush Meadows and mighty grasslands cover the hillsides. Gigantic Eucalyptus trees and Shola forests flourish in the valleys. Bewildering rocks and cascading streams meander from the valley towards the town of Kodaikanal. Waterfalls and flower beds make it a utopian place.

The high elevation makes it a cold abode, all accomplished to embrace the winter loving traveler. Kodaikanal has several scenic natural attractions which are enjoyed by visitors. You will be enchanted by the Kodaikanal Lake that offers mesmerizing views and provide for memorable walkthroughs. The Shola Falls , The Byrant Park and The Coaker’s walk are some of the best tourist destinations. Kodaikanal also has potential for adventure. Guna Caves, Silver Cascade and Dolphin’s Nose offer great hunting ground for an avid adventurer.

Kodaikanal will provide you with a perfect jubilee. You can exploit this unspoiled land for a ‘two weeks with pay’.



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