leela palace new delhi

Leela Palace, New Delhi

The ritzy Leela Palace New Delhi is a prolific place. The architecture is ostentatious and the interiors are swanky. The super hotel is all set to become one of the greatest hotels of the world.

The suites are spacious and provided with all luxuries and amenities. Rich living motto is followed at The Leela. The imposing suites promise an inspirited stay. There are four restaurants and a bar that serve food and drinks as and when needed. You can enjoy your meal in your room or you can try fine dining at the captivating restaurants.

The spa at Leela offers excellent services for guests. You can sooth your tired nerves at the world class spa. The hotel also has a gymnasium, fitness studio, swimming pool, florist and travel desk.

Experience a luxury stay at The Leela Palace and make your holiday perfect in every way.

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