Namale Resort and Spa, Fiji

Rub eyelids with quaint luxury at the Namale Resort and Spa at Fiji. This hideaway is an ensemble of indulgences and adventures. It not only offers comfortable accommodation to guests but also provides sufficient potential for an accomplished holiday experience. The resort includes a whole caboodle of activities in its extraordinary 525 acres premises. You can unwind at the marvelous spa, stroll along the rainforest, try your hand at tennis or go on a riding spree. This and much more will unravel at Namale , an exquisite haven of romance and adventure. The winner of the prestigious 2012 Traveller’s Choice Award and World Travel Award, this unprecedented destination will catapult you to a an abode of bliss.

Accommodation starts from $975 per night and goes up to $2300 per night.

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