octopus yacht

Octopus Yacht

Owned by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, Octopus Yacht is the largest expedition yacht in the world. This 414 foot mega yacht sports two helicopters and a tender. It also features a pool and a submarine. Having been designed by Lurssen, the vessel is flawless and minutely constructed.

The yacht is the luxurious hideaway. It is a symbol of richness and affluence. Octopus is what will be the choice of an indulgent person. Many celebrities have squandered their millions for this tasteful romance with the sea.

Octopus while zigzagging its path across the deep blue ocean, will take you to an unforgettable sea odyssey.

img src: https://image.yachtcharterfleet.com/charter-OCTOPUS/OCTOPUS-4.jpg?image_id=69095&k=ee9a&w=608&h=454&q=75

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