Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York

If you are looking for place, where you can exploit your obscured being, and connect with the soul, Omega Institute is the answer. This nonprofit organization etched out in an extravagant 195 acres at Rhinebeck, New York has an all accomplished meditation centre. It also has a yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

The workshops and conferences offered by this institute are globally acknowledged. It holds around 350 meditation workshops which are attended by thousands of people every year. Experts are invited to conduct these holistic camps. Spiritual guides, philosophers and healers deal with the events with an expert’s hand. The events are differentiated into denominations for easy selection. There are six different learning paths:

Body, mind, and spirit;

Health and healing;

Relationships and family;

Creative expression;

Leadership and work and

Sustainable living.

The Omega Institute is a perfect hideaway to take you away from the uproar and humdrum of day to day life. It works on the virtuous values of accountability and integrity.

The initiative is supported by abc carpet homes, yoga, Numi organic tea and others.

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