Osho Meditation Resort , Pune

The elegant Osho Ashram at Pune, Maharashtra is a nature’s bounty. This placid destination is clad in impeccable greenery all around. The refined and distinguished resort breathes with a calm disposition. The meditation workshops held here are one of the finest nature attracting crowds from all over.

Osho believed that the concept of Meditation means to be silent. Thus, the ashram at the Osho Meditation Resort endeavors to maintain silence in actions and dialogues. The practice is adopted by visitors with great dedication. Meditation and workshops are held in the precincts. The workshops are held in Mirdad Pyramids , specially designed for this purpose. Solace seekers meditate in Teerth, a lush green Zen garden. At the Osho Multiversity you can learn arts like hypnotism and craniosacral bodywork under the guidance of therapists and doctors.

Other notable features of the resort are the guest house, café, medical centre. galleria and cavern.

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