Pablo Picasso’s ‘La Reve’, worth a king’s ransom

Another treasured piece of art ‘La Reve’ by the reputed artist, Pablo Picasso, was procured by Steven Cohen, owner of SAC Capital Advisors LP, for $155. According to sources, ‘the amount is the largest ever paid by any U.S collector of artworks.

‘La Reve’ painting has attracted maximum yearnings of art aficionados’ world over. The beautiful abstraction is more than 50 years old and portrays Pablo’s mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter in a state of deep reverie. The title ‘La Reve’ itself means ‘A dream’ in English. This fabulous artwork is from the period when Picasso portrayed distorted depictions of his subjects, with contrasted colors and simple, clean outlines.

The rare painting was the prized possession of casino mogul Steve Wynn for quite a long time. He was not willing to part with it. Steven Cohen lusted for it and was willing to pay any amount to own Picasso’s timeless work.

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