Paul Cézanne’s masterstroke ‘The Card Players’ fetches $259 Million, Highest Price Ever for a Work of Art

A turning point in the field of art; a painting depicting French peasants playing cards bags a voluptuous amount of $259. The priceless illustration belongs to one of the 5 series of ‘The Card Players’ by the prodigy artist Paul Cézanne. It was purchased by the Royal Family of Qatar by bidding an unimaginable price that left everyone awestruck.

The esteemed artist, Cezanne was regarded as the ‘Father of us all’ by the world class painter Pablo Picasso. ‘The Card Players’ is one of the finest pieces of art to have been created by him at the turn of 20th century. This particular version of the painting representing men playing cards in a café with a bottle on the table, and its gleaming white highlight has attained the status of a masterpiece. In the words of an art historian, Meyer Schapiro “it is the most monumental and also the most refined" of all the versions. The precious artwork is considered the last in the Card Players series.

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