Portrait of Adele Bloch - Bauer1by Gustav Klimt, an artwork worth its weight in gold

The dazzling portrait of Adele Bloch Baur by Gustav Klimt is a piece de resistance. According to reports, it was purchased by Ronald Lauder for a magnanimous $135 in 2006. The object d’art is sheer gold, silver and oil on canvas.

The intricate illustration took three years to get completed. The ornamental painting measures 138 by 138 cm. Klimt was commissioned by Ferdinand Bloch Bauer to carve his beautiful wife on a glittering canvas. The painting is now the centerpiece of Lauder’s collection, Neue Galerie in New York. Lauder’s comments on the acquisition of this worthy art for his Neue Gallerie collection are, “This is our Mona Lisa”.

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