raj palace jaipur

Raj Palace

The Raj Palace Jaipur is symbolic of our rich history and reflects the valor and courage of the Rajput kings. Acknowledged as the world’s best heritage hotel, it is an estate house for a regnant wedding. The team of wedding planners, at The Raj Palace, organizes all types of weddings. They make studied arrangements suiting the mood of this sacred affair.

You can choose from a variety of venues offered by the manor itself. The palatial backdrop will let you take your wedding vows in the most royal manner. The place will be elegantly lit and the grandiose will be at its prime. The accompaniment of elephants, camels and horse’s procession with a dash of local Folk performers, dancers and musicians, drummers along with a wedding band will make for a complete monarch’s wedding. The Palace can also provide for a sophisticated and subtle post wedding party with DJ and Cocktails for the guests.

Make your wedding an extraordinary affair at the Raj Palace, Jaipur.

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