Ranvas nagaur

The Ranvas

The Ranvas  Nagaur Fort was originally owned by the Maharaja of Jodhpur. It has ten havelis in its precincts. It was revamped to be made into a well styled 21st century lodge with 33 rooms.

Each room at the Ranvas has a private courtyard and living area that is adorned with regional artifacts keeping alive the old world charm. Ranvas is a fond traveler’s destination. It is a memorabilia of our past.

Ranvas also has a swimming pool and two restaurants that serve Indian as well as International cuisines. You can spend your time in the library reading books. Or you can also go for an adventurous horse ride. The spa will sooth your being and the hotel museum will intellectually stimulate you.

Ranvas is a contemporary hotel with all amenities for a spirited traveler.

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