Renaissance Gallery

Renaissance Gallery

Located at Bangalore, The Renaissance  Gallery is playing a significant role in invoking love for art amongst people. It promotes the flavor and culture of Indian Art.  It exhibits the work of not only acclaimed artists but also the works of budding art connoisseurs. The art gallery is never reluctant in bringing an upcoming artist in the limelight; the reason why it is so hounded by the youth.

In its effort of promoting art, The Renaissance Art Gallery blends cultural programmes in its exhibitions in order to attract non art lovers as well. Music, dance and theatre are juxtaposed with the art exhibitions.

It has showcased works of renowned artists like Jamini Roy, Sunil Das, Suhas Roy, Satish Gupta and many others. Eminent personalities like Shabana Azmi , Dimple Kapadia , Shobha De , Vasundhra Das and many others have graced these occasions with their presence.

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