Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Pattaya

Enjoy a surpassingly enigmatic wedding at The Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Pattaya. With a private expanse of a beach and exotic terraces with dinner rooms, the Royal Cliff Beach Resort becomes a cream of the crop destination for a gentile wedding. Located at just a 2 hours run from Bangkok, the resort is splendid in every way.

The Resort offers a plethora of option from hosting an intimate affair to holding a gala event. The private ceremonies with only a few guests are given an intimate setting, and the large scale functions are provided with the Royal Cliff Hotels 5-star service and facilities. Apart from the plush venues the Resort tales care of the menu that features traditional Thai dishes, seafood, barbeques and even a multi-course banquet or an international grand buffet. Live music and entertainment can also be organized along with a spectacular show of fireworks to add that flavor of festivity.

You can get the perfect setting of a Thai Buddhist wedding, Christian wedding and an Indian wedding at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort. The four hotels in one provide ample potential and opportunities a flawless wedding. The beautiful rooms can accommodate your guests. The guests can utilize the recreational facilities of the resort in their free time. The salon and spa services and outdoor activities can also be included in the welcome of the guests,

There is no limit to grandiose at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort at Pattaya. Spell luxury and rapture in your wedding style at The Royal Cliff Beach Resort at Pattaya.


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