samode palace jaipur

Samode Palace

Nestled in the heart of the pink city is the Samode Palace Jaipur, an abode of blessedness. It is one of the lordliest destinations of Jaipur. The entrance to the Palace bears testimony to the fact that it has been custom designed for wedding occasions. You are greeted at the doorway by a wooden horse one side and a palanquin on the other; both are symbolic of a traditional Indian wedding.

The holy sacrament at this paradise will be an experience of a lifetime. The wedding planners at Samode provide for a stately elephant procession, the conventional practice of smearing the forehead with vermilion and a gracious shower of flowers. The ceremony can be arranged in the august courtyard and a royal meal can be served at the Darbar Hall.

The guests will be moonstruck when they will get to stay at the princely apartments of the Palace. The lush courtyards, beautiful lawns and the incandescent lights will establish a romance never experienced before. At Samode, you will take a flight of fancy and realize your dream day.

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