Scintillating Spas

Success , peace and prosperity will always remain elusive as long as there is discord. But where there is unity, perfect harmony prevails there and no-one can curb the serenity of such a place”; so is written in our Vedas.

In the furore and tumult of our lives, we seek for a haven of bliss and serenity. Every person needs to sooth his senses in order to revitalize his energies. In Vedic times holistic healing was the only way to recover. The saints and holy men were bestowed with divine pars and used to provide herbal medicines to people.

Spas have become the it thing these days. With the growing hustle and bustle, people need to retire and pamper themselves to the enigmatic therapies offered by spas these days.

Some of the best spas in India are listed as under:


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