Streets of Monaco, One Billion dollar Yacht

Have you ever gone into a reverie of ‘A Floating City’? Envision yourself in a sea vessel wearing the garb of a cityscape and maneuvering through the sublime waters. You must be thinking it is like weaving a whimsical odyssey in your mind. But this will soon turn into reality with the launch of ‘The Streets of Monaco’ yacht.

The peculiar design of this magnificent sea queen has been inspired from a section of the Monte Carlo, Paris. The yacht encompasses the flavor of the streets of Monaco. It will feature the prototype Monte Carlo Casino, a racetrack, swimming pools, and tennis courts, a cinema, a go kart track and a Hotel de Paris. The guests will buoy up as they will witness waterfalls, helicopters and submarines on board.

The Streets of Monaco, spread over three floors will accommodate up to 16 travelers at a time. A team of 70 crew members will be present to look up to your needs.

The gigantic ship is expected to cost one billion dollars. Twirling and whirling in this rare yacht will be as they say “A million dollar” experience.

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