Sumway Resort Hotel and Spa, Kuala Lumpur

Flaunt a grand wedding at the Sumway Resort located 25kms away from Kuala Lumpur. The outlandish destination offers great potential to host a wedding in its premises. The Sumway Resort team provides customized wedding packages to cater to the requirements of the hosts. You can enjoy the bliss of a simple traditional wedding or you can even have a fun filled affair at this amazing destination.

The blue chip resort offers finest venues for hosting your glittering event. The venues are myriad including both indoor and outdoor and you can decide according to the number of invitees. The guests can be accommodated in exclusive villas or rooms that are delved in complete warmth and luxury. The event will be entirely handled by the team that will give you the best in food, decorations, reception and hospitality.  The guests will be treated to a Malaysian “YUM CHA” or yummy delights from the dining options of the Resort.  The restaurants and lounges serve the best gourmet and beverages.

Apart from the dinner and lunches, the welcome can include a rejuvenating spa therapy in the Mandara Spa. You can spell affluence and style in various ways by choosing the classiest wedding itinerary at the Sumway Resort and Spa.

Solicit your espousal at this ecstatic destination and make it a true remembrance.

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