swagath restaurant new delhi

Swagath, New Delhi

A well known place in Northern India, Swagath restaurant New Delhi  is a best ever food destination. Managed by the Sagar Ratna chain of Udipi eateries, it serves the coastal food of Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. It serves vegetarian, non-vegetarian and a couple of South Indian treats. Swagath is a lovesome place for foodies as it has in its menu, a variety of food like Mughlai, Mangalorian, Chinese and Chettinad.

The food at Swagath is extremely spicy and contains generous quantities of coconut. Sea food is the speciality of this eating haunt. Crab, Mussels, Prawns, Bombay duck, Ladyfish, etc are all available, seasoned and garnished with your choice. Cocktails and liquor are offered to one’s liking. Apart from Ocean Martini that goes well with the food, they also have Mojitos, Coladas and mock tails.

At Swagath you can quench your craving for sea food.

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