Thai Pavilion Mumbai

Thai Pavilion, Mumbai

Thai Pavilion Mumbai is commencing point of Thai food in India. The Thai Pavilion Mumbai cuisine was launched by Chef Ananda with the original Thai Pavilion in 90’s. It was rediscovered and infused with authenticity in 2007. Thai Pavilion is a haunt for food connoisseurs.  As the city’s first and most successful Thai restaurant, the Thai Pavilion has inspired a wave of Thai food joints. It has established a new lexicon of dishes and a new palate for flavors.

With a piquant and elevated menu, it is a treat for epicureans. The menu includes the palatable Tom Yum soup, the crunchy Tom Yum salad and the forever popular Thai green curry. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are used generously in its toothsome combos like mango salad, sea asparagus in mango sauce, diced water chestnut in coconut milk and many others. At Thai Pavilion, there is a fine collection of vintage wines to make the luncheonette more appealing.

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