The Marmara Taksim, Istanbul

Embrace the real bliss of a divine union at The Marmara Taksim at downtown Taksim. The infatuating ambience of the remarkable destination combined with the skill of the wedding planners and the expertise of the world class chefs make The Marmara Taksin the right choice to hold an incredible wedding event.

From menu selection to music, sound and light systems to wedding cake and decorations, the wedding planners at the hotel will customize each and every thing for you. The two ballrooms with their ornate décor serve as the best venues for a stylish dinner and cocktails. The award winning chefs will serve your guests with the most nectarous Turkish and other international delights. The wedding cake will be the highlight of the feast.

The rooms and suites offer superlatively comfortable stay to the guests. A special Honeymoon Suite will be offered to the newlyweds that can be further revamped as per your need. The hotel also has a plethora of leisure activities for the guests and hosts. You can include them in your plan or they can be utilized by your guests in their free time. The gym, Turkish Bath, Massages and Pool are well facilitated for the visitors.

The Marmara Taksim will give you a perfect setting for your wedding. Come and experience it yourself.

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