Tollygunge Golf Club Calcutta

Tollygunge Golf Club , Calcutta

Just across the road to the Royal Calcutta stands the Tollygunge Golf Club Calcutta at south Calcutta. Sir William Cruikshank earlier established it as an equestrian sports club. Later the lush green had to be transformed to a regal park for the Tipu Sultan royal family. It was in 1895 that the Tollugunge Limited acquired the property and turned it into a clubhouse. The 100 acre majestic course is ostentatiously laden with flowering trees and tropical plants that provide a natural abode to a million exotic birds. The fairways are crowning green and no thoroughfares for the golfers.

It offers an 18-holes golf course and other posh amenities like squash courts, tennis courts, billiard room, swimming pool and riding activities.

Deluxe accommodation, Health club, ayurvedic spa, bar, bridge room , restaurant are other spectacular features of the club.

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