A bombastic honky tonk, Tryst is a club by B-Projekt , a recognized Dj and producer. A carousel at Tryst will be a sidesplitting experience. The place is characteristic of groovy lights and upbeat music. The interiors of glass and mirror will engage you completely.

The concept of high-tech lights is the first of its kind in our country. It has been attributed to react to human voice, beat synchronization and express through 16 million colors.

Tryst is a vivacious place and offers excellent services to party animals. Privately enclosed tables with private butler and security are its key features. You can savor a decoction from a wide variety of liquor served from its exclusive bar. You go mirthful with popular dance anthems and international club music like Hip-Hop. Varied genres of house music are also played for that never ending splurge.

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