Wittelsbach Graff Diamond, beauty travelling through time

Originally known as the Wittelsbach Diamond or ‘Der Blaue Wittelsbacher’, the immoderately admirable, deep impeccable blue gemstone was purchased by Lawrence Graff in 2008. He spent a sky high amount of $24.3 million to own this priceless jewel. The high class stone is believed to be some 300 years old. Presently the magnificent piece weighs 4 carats and is known by the name, Wittlesbach Graff Diamond.

There are various legendary stories attached to this high class gem. Some say that King Philip IV of Spain included this gem in the dowry of his daughter, Margaret Teresa. It once graced the Bavarian Crown until 1921 and became a part of the World Expo in Brussels in 1958.

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