Woman 3 by William de Kooning, a recherché art

In November 2006, ‘Woman 3’ an exquisite painting by William de Kooning was sold by David Geffen to billionaire Steven A. Cohen for $137.5 million. The pictorialization is one of the series of six paintings by de Kooning, the central theme of all being a woman. The prized art work measures 68 by 48 1/2 inches.

Woman 3 is an inestimable piece that was kept away from the public’s eye for some period of time. Owing to its bold representation, the government isolated it from the public gaze. It was displayed at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art until 1994. After that, it was bartered by Thomas Ammann to David Geffen for a 16th century Persian manuscript.

IMG SRC:https://nga.gov.au/Exhibition/ABSTRACTEXPRESS/Default.cfm?IRN=60901&BioArtistIRN=25281&MnuID=3&GalID=2&ViewID=2

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