Zen Leela Palace Bangalore

Zen, Leela Palace, Bangalore

The Zen Leela Palace Bangalore is all about oomph and affluence. The restaurant is an eye candy, an original Leela experience. To dine at Zen is a blissful feeling. It offers rich cuisines from Japan, Thailand, Korea and Singapore.

Zen in its all glorious interior welcomes you to a zenith in food making and serving. You can choose from amongst the exotic, cosmopolitan and comforting treats. Or you can also go the traditional way by indulging in a typical Indian meal. Even better, give yourself the pleasure to try an Italiano pizzeria.

Live counters of Teppanyaki, yakitori, Korean barbeque and noodle bar with fresh sushi, sashimi, Tamaki and makimino served along is what we call an elaborate smorgasbord. Rice wines and d soju is cherry on the cake.

Zen at Leela Palace is a meticulous indulgence, a bon viveur’s paradise.

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